Products and Services

Addison Bradley studies the client's nature of business prior to proposing any type of solutions. Placement strategy is defined first in order to balance the types of risks generated by our client business model.

Pre-risk application forms are always secured in order to provide the clients with a clear risk picture thus avoiding future grey areas situations

Product Breadth and Services

Tailor Made Services

Addison Bradley always offers solutions according to the clients’ needs by installing the proper wording and ensuring the clarity of conditions toward our clients as to ascertain their proper interpretation at the time of the claim.

  • We adapt the policies based on our clients’ business operating experiences.
  • We understand our clients’ business models.
  • We assess the risks and create solutions.
  • We work on the sources.
  • We monitor their history.

Solutions Provider

Addison Bradley service extends beyond the traditional simple brokerage activities to incorporate the much larger task of providing solutions to any situation requiring insurance coverage.

Personalized Customer Service

Addison Bradley keeps close contact with our customers to work on any request and problems throughout the year in order to translate them into coverage which responds to our clients’ needs.

Automation is our duty, regarding the workflow procedures of issuing covers, and settling claims.

Standard operating procedures are as well provided; this will include a step-by-step behavioral procedure to follow in case of any accidents in order to reduce as much as possible the probability of non-coverage due to any error in the reporting of an accident.

We accompany our clients and assist them from start to end in the resolution of their claims.